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Responsibilities of Trustees

Transparency and trust go hand-in-hand

The Trust is established on the principle of radical transparency.

This means:

  • The Trustees are to subject themselves to constant oversight and appreciate constructive criticism.

  • The Trustees must be willing and able to absorb feedback and respond to it in a positive, non-defensive way.

  • The Trustees must also have the ability to deliver brutally honest feedback to others in a way that builds relationships rather than tearing them down.


To achieve oversight by the public, government and other institutions, the Trustees must publish:

  1. The deed to be amended from time to time;

  2. The Trust’s and/or any entity in which the Trust has an interest’s management accounts;

  3. Details of all remuneration received by the Trustees and any directors/trustees of any entity in which the Trust has an interest;

  4. Details of all remuneration paid to any of the Trust’s contractors, including charges for legal and other professional services;

  5. The Trust’s monthly bank statements;

  6. All minutes of meetings of Trustees;

  7. Subject to the complainants consenting in writing, which the Trustees shall call upon them to do, any complaints received from employees and disclosures made by whistle-blowers;

  8. The Trust’s annual financial statements;

  9. Bonuses to employees that exceed an amount equivalent to one month of the employee’s monthly remuneration;

  10. Recordings of meetings of Trustees; and

  11. Any information and/or documentation that would be in the public interest.

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